Low & Slow BBQ for Beginners - Mini Smoker Demo and Market - Cooking Class



Manufacturer: Bullockhead Creek BBQ

Low and Slow Cooking Class - 2nd November 10 am - 2 pm - 1/ 16 Spine Street, Sunmer QLD 4074

Learn from experience pit master and bbq desinger and pit builder

Craig Wegert of Bullockhead Creek BBQ

We will run the cooking class during the day and show you the easy way to produce fantastic bbq - Texas Style

Learn about:

Offset Smokers and ease of use.

Choosing the right bbq smoker for you.

Fire Management

Fuel Use

Pit Seasoning

Pit Maintenance

Cooking Brisket & Brisket Pastrami.. easy how to.

Cooking the bbq foods.


Includes BBQ Lunch and bbq tasting samples

Pit types, selection and effective use for beginners.


On Site bbq market.

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