RUN OUT SALE 20" Bullockhead Creek BBQ "Brahman" Standard Smoker


Product Code: BCS-20STD

Manufacturer: Bullockhead Creek BBQ


*******Only 1 Units left in runout model sale...*********

Note: Indicative image until we load some shots of the new range.


1/4 Inch Thick Steel Pipe, Offset BBQ Smoker

20" Brahman Smoker by Bullockhead Creek BBQ Offset Smoker

500mm  x​1010mm Main Cooking Chamber (6.35mm Steel Pipe)

500mm x 500mm Firebox (6.35mm Steel Pipe)

​1 x 900mm x 490mm Food Rack

1 x 900mm x 340mm Food Rack

​1 x Firebox Rack

2 x swivel lock Castors 

​2 x Fixed Castors

1 x grill in firebox 

1 x Pot Warmer Plate on Fire Box

1 x Front Shelf

1 x TelbTru Temp Gauge

Cool Touch Steel Handles

Fully Flanged Doors

Hi Temp Paint Finish

Fat Drain with end cap






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